The Death of Commercial Cod Liver Oil

Almost all cod liver oil is sourced from Norway and Iceland. Industrial cod liver oil manufacturing involves alkali refining, bleaching, winterization and deodorization. These processes remove natural vitamin D from the oil. Almost all factories either produce vitamin deficient cod liver oil (vitamin D <900 IU per teaspoon) or add synthetic vitamins back into the oil (the most common procedure eg. Nordic Naturals). Until early 2009 we were able to source cod liver oil from a factory that added the natural vitamins back into the processed cod liver oil. Unfortunately, this factory has now followed the cheaper more commercial path of producing synthetically enhanced cod liver oil.

For those of you that have been using our product lines over the last few years, you will notice that our standard high-vitamin cod liver oil is now “off the menu”. Since we couldn’t source a natural cod liver oil – we couldn’t stock one. The only natural cod liver oil that is high in vitamins A and D on the market is the fermented cod liver oil produced by Green Pasture that we stock. This oil is batch brewed in Nebraska from cod livers using traditional lacto-fermentation and non-toxic methods without using heat and carbon filters that damage vitamins and omega-3 oils. The result is a high vitamin cod liver oil containing 4000-9000 IU vitamin A and 3000-4000 IU vitamin D per teaspoon. Super high-vitamin and exquisitely processed to preserve the natural qualities of cod liver oil.

We refuse to carry inferior products – and if you’re already one of our customers we know that you’ve refused to use inferior products.

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