Cod liver oil and kids

This took a little bribing but the lure of being on on the internet brought my two little starlets out into the spot light.
My two girls – Maia (8) and Ella (5) talk you through the basics of why cod liver oil is important for growing kids

Our most frequent FAQs are about cod liver oil and kids.
Just to clarify a few points:

  • The recommended dosage for under 12s is 2.5 ml
  • As cod liver oil is a food provided by nature you can’t overdose on it

Our experience of using cod liver oil has been fantastic – so good that we decided to share this in business

  • Our girls are very rarely sick. We believe that this is largely due to the immune system boosting effect of cod liver oil.
  • Our girls have excellent teeth. Day to day diet has a massive effect here, but vitamin D also helps with tooth development and repair
  • Omega-3s also support brain development and learning. In a 2.5 ml of our cod liver oil you get at least 250mg of DHA/EPA.

If you’re looking at one food to boost your kid’s health we believe that this is it.
Some of the tips that parents have sent in to us to get their kids into the habit of taking cod liver oil are:

  • Let them use the syringe and be in charge of squirting it in (you’d be surprised how enticing this is)
  • Ask them who wants to go first (again a strange but effective method) – our girls fight for first place
  • Use a chaser if they don’t like the taste – berry and citrus flavours tend togo well – see this article
  • Design a special treat as a chaser – some we’ve heard about are cacao, coconut oil, and strawberries
  • Don’t make a big deal of it. Be casual – don’t build it up. It’s just “what we do at breakfast time”
  • Try some different flavours – Ella likes plain, Maia likes cinnamon tingle and kid’s peppermint
  • Start them young. My girls had cod liver oil as a first food and haven’t stopped.

Here’s to your health and the health of your children

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